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For us, interior design starts not with the eyes, but with the ears. We start by listening to understand who you are and what inspires you. We want to know your story. We want to know that your favorite color is violet, that you live and breath for your family and that your most treasured memories are of your treks across Europe.

Our clients are individuals first with aesthetics and tastes that vary on every spectrum and who are dynamic and ever-evolving. We don't put you in any style box. We paint your box with the story of who you are. Homes weave the story of personal style with Family values, with treasured memories, with delightful touches and inviting furnishings.

We're often called by people who have recently been through a change that affects their living space and their quality of life. A house that doesn't feel like home yet, a new baby, a divorce, or the start of a new stage in life. Even the happiest events in life can change the way we move through our days. Being inspired by your surroundings is important. Beauty, in whatever form that is to you, should be tucked into every cranny of your living spaces. And when you can infuse hidden gems of stress-relieving functionality in the process- that's pure gold! Having a beautiful and functional home can bring peace and a renewed sense of well-being to our lives.

Creating a successful design isn't about showcasing the latest trends or applying cookie-cutter design principals. Skill and creativity are essential to a great design, but what forms the foundation of ModaScapes Interior Design is keen intuition and an understanding of the deep emotional connection we all have with our homes.


Years of Experience

Our founder, Adrienne Hart has been transforming spaces for over 18 years and her team brings loads of enthusiasm.


Passionate Employees

We have selected a team of thoughtful & resourceful people who share the company's philosophy.


Completed Projects

In this case, size doesn't matter- our impact does! From simple consultations to new construction, we can help.


Satisfied Clients

We love that our clients call us back when they move or are ready for the next chapter in their story.

Interior Design Services

Our services range from hourly design consulting to full service new builds and everything in between. We are here to help you improve your life through great interior design- however that is to you. While our interior design office is in Scottsdale, we can travel to all parts of AZ and surrounding states. We'll customize how we work together just as much as your design solution- we can even do it remotely.

Remodel Design

Looking to renovate? Start with an experienced team like ours and save yourself time and money. Plus it will turn out way better!

New Construction

There are tens of 1000s of choices to make when building your dream home. As your personal guides, we can ensure that you enjoy the experience.

Design Consulting

Our expertise will take your project to the next level- We guarntee it. We're happy to review your designs and provide professional insights.


From top quality manufacturer to custom design solutions that fit your needs, let us select the furniture and decorative accessories to complete your look.

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You deserve a home that radiates with a reflection of you, of your family and your best life. When a project is completed and the client tells us, "You just seem to know what I need and what I want." That's music to our ears! Adrienne's intuition is her gift and she feels obligated to share it. Here's what our clients have to say about their experience.

Home Remodeling
Dale & Simone

Cave Creek Remodel

Furniture and Decor

Furnishings and Decor

Home Remodeling
Sandy & Joanne

Dream Kitchen

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