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"It’s all about relationships… We love to collaborate with our clients and trades-people to come up with the perfect mix of function and beauty! Then together we infuse strategy on the best way to spend the budget to exceed expectations, there’s nothing more satisfying! My philosophy is that there are no problems, only design opportunities!" - Adrienne Hart

ModaScapes Interior Design, your Scottsdale-based interior designer believes design starts not with the eyes, but with the ears. We start first by listening to understand who you are and what inspires you. We want to know your story. We want to know that your favorite color is violet, that you live and breathe for your six beloved grandkids and that your most treasured memories are of your treks across the Alps.

Our clients are individuals first with aesthetics and tastes that vary on every spectrum and who are dynamic and ever evolving. We don't put you in any style box. We paint your box with the story of who you are. Homes weave the story of personal style with family values, with treasured memories, with delightful touches and inviting furnishings.

Being inspired by your surroundings is important. Beauty in whatever form that is to you should be tucked and etched into every cranny of your living spaces. And when you can infuse hidden gems of stress-relieving functionality in the process—now that's rewarding! That's what inspires us to do what we do. Let us help you tell your story:

Our mission is to help you discover what will improve the quality of your day, and ultimately your life. How can we be of service? Building a new home? Remodeling a kitchen or bath? Do you live out of state and are buying a second home in AZ? Or maybe your space just needs a refresher. We work with clients all over the United States. Call us in Scottsdale today to start your interior space design transformation. +1.480.422.1855