It takes a team of professionals working in harmony to build your dream house. Working with an interior design firm that understands general construction processes and limitations, like ModaScapes in Phoenix, gives you an advantage that will help the project stay on schedule and within budget. We can help you with:

Architectural Plan Review

Architectural Plan Review

As interior designers, we look at space differently than architects and builders do. While they may focus on the elevation view from the street or how the sun traverses across the house, we look at how each nook and cranny will finish on the inside.

Specialty windows, for example, can be really tricky to cover on the inside. We'll go over the functionality of each room and where the sun exposure is and how much wall is available for a window treatment. The last thing we want to do is cover up arched or butted style windows, so maybe we’ll decide not to put those types of windows in rooms that you wish to achieve darkness in.

On occasion, the architect or builder will show an idea that is unique and creative and lacks some key functionality. How is the path from the car in the garage to the kitchen with and armful of groceries? How far do you have to lug your laundry? Do you do your own laundry? How does the dog get in and out of the house and where do her dishes live? So many things to consider!

We cut through the clouds and think of these things during the final design stage. We operate on the philosophy that your environment should really compliment your lifestyle first and then when we’ve achieved the optimal layout, we can decorate it with the most amazing finishes and furniture to suit your taste.

Lighting Design & Plan

Lighting Design Plan

The artificial lighting plan has the power to make or break great design. Good lighting can effectively turn a house into a home while poor lighting can make a space uninviting and sometimes even unusable. It plays the strongest roll in setting the mood of any space and has an active roll in your family's safety and security.

Good lighting impacts every well thought out detail you've chosen – from sumptuous furnishings, luxurious flooring and opulent wall coverings to prized art collections. It is required to showcase architectural features and highlight the items you prize and have worked so hard for.

The ModaScapes team not only has the training and experience to design a layered lighting plan that sets the tone for every occasion, we have an extensive knowledge of lighting control systems so we can plan the settings while we are designing.

good lighting

Materials & Finishes

Materials and Fixtures

 We work with you to discover your life-style preferences and priorities to seamlessly integrate them into the architectural style of the home. This big picture design plan keeps every choice from countertops to cabinet door styles siging the same tune of continuity throughout.

We'll also guide you from making emotional selections that don't satisfy your end goals and ensure that you'll love the choices you made today, just as much in five or ten years. Afterall, a vanity light that makes shadows on your face in an unflattering way, isn't that pretty for very long. 

Furniture & Fixtures

Whether we are incorporating some of your cherished heirlooms or custom designing the perfect dining table, ModaScapes can help with all of your furniture needs. We've also got you covered with shades and custom window treatments, as well.

Sure, you can go down to the plumbing and lighting fixture showroom and work with one of their commissioned sales people to help make all of the choices for your new home... OR you can have an expedited experience with us and we can steer you away from the lines that are outside your builder's budget and ensure that each piece satisfies the master design agenda.