Design Services

New Construction

There are hundreds of selections that your builder needs from you to build your new home and they all have to be carefully balanced in order to achieve a cohesive and harmonious design. Handing your builder or architect pictures and saying, “This is what I want.”, does not mean that’s what you will get. Someone still has to find the actual material and test it in your environment for usability, correct color, etc. If your builder doesn't offer this service, it's up to you, which can lead to a great deal more time than you bargained for. >>>


Lead designer, Adrienne Hart's very first project out of desgin school was a whole house remodel and it's what ModaScapes Interior Design excells at. Adrienne loves the complexity of weaving old with new and managing all the moving parts. Something always comes up that threatens the integrity of the design plan- we just call those design opportunities. "Nothing is more rewarding than collaborating with the team to meet the challenge of an obstacle and keep the project on time and on budget. And most of the time, it turns out better than the initial design.", says Hart. >>>


A home isn't complete until all of the homey details are in place. We can completely transform the style and mood of a room with the decor. Art, accessories, decorative pillows, window treatments, area rugs, family pictures and greenery complete the look of a well appointed home. Without the right choices, it's like showing up to a party with the perfect fitting dress in barefeet. It just doesn't matter how good that dress is if you don't have the right jewelry and shoes. Let us help you complete the picture! >>>


Staging is decorating with a purpose. Photographers know the value of having the right amount of decor strategically placed so the viewer is drawn into the space. A great Realtor won't list a house without encouraging the home owner to invest in professional staging. So whether you need to sell a house fast or create a brand statement for your business' new marketing materials, we love to stage spaces to show the best assets of every room. We'll use as much of what's already their and add finishing touches as needed. >>>

Project Management

Does the thought of talking to contractors cause a sense of dread? Would you rather spend your time at the job you love or creating memories with your family? Or maybe you live out of state? Let's plan your master bathroom remodeled while you're on your Mediterranean cruise. We offer construction liaison services and full project management on any size job, allowing us to sort out all those pesky details while you are living your life! >>>

Premium Full Service

Our staff can provide a full range of services, from initial design conept all the way to selecting the perfect dishes and waste baskets. We can turnkey your project from dirt to dishes, leaving you to spend your time doing what you love. All that's left is to enjoy the finished project. >>>

Why hire an Interior

Interior Design looks easy— until you attempt it yourself.

That small weekend project you took on, stretches out for months. You realize you can't return that sofa that looked so perfect in the store and doesn’t fit in your great room or how about that amazing gray wall color that looked great on-line and looks a baby boy's nursery on your walls. Before long, you and maybe even your spouse, are frustrated and give up. How much have you saved if it didn't turn out how you expected? Let us help you make the right decisions to start with so you get the result that you want and deserve.