Remodeling Design

Love the house your in, just not what it looks like? Maybe the way you use your house has changed over the years. Or would you like to enhance the safety and functionality to spend the next twenty years in comfort?

Whatever your reason for remodeling, ModaScapes Interior design has the experience and expertise to navigate all of the choices you will be faced with. The benefits of having a design plan for your remodel before you start are huge:

Your general contractor can finalize her bid, so you'll know how much the project will cost.
It prevents "scope creep". People often get caught up in the moment once work starts and one things leads to another and pretty soon, you're over budget and way past the time you wanted to spend.
Details reveal themselves and can be discussed and worked out before they happen, enabling a smoother process.
You'll know ahead of time how long people will be in your house and can schedule accordingly.
We can manage the design plan, to ensure the end result you wanted actually happens without compromise.

Kitchen and Baths

The two most comomon areas to renovate are clearly your kitchen and master bath. The team at ModaScapes Interior Design has been remodeling these two rooms for sixteen years and we know what details to invest in and which ones disappear in the big picture.This is what we do.

By regularly attending national kitchen and bath shows, we stay on top of the latest trends and gadgets and know who has the best deals, selection or service in town or on-line. We have extensive resources that are not offered direct to the public, which expands the possibilities of what could be, as well as saves you money.

Did you know that certain countertops should not go in a kitchen and even different ones aren't suited for bathrooms? You could get lucky and get a knowledgeable guy at the slab yard or you could get someone who started last year. After cabinets, your countertops are a big cost factor in your remodel, so why risk it? Call the professionals at ModaScapes Interior Design and have a kitchen or master bathroom custom designed to serve your needs with your own personal style!


Other than your kitchen and master bath, replacing the flooring thoughout your house is a significant investment, so we strongly recommend professional advice. And we don't mean the kind you get from a commissioned sales person that works at a flooring store.

By teaming with ModaScapes Interior Design, we'll help you discover the exact material that will support your aesthetics and life-style for years to come. A sample in the showroom, may not show you the sheen of the material the same way it looks at your back door. The glare in that area could really hightlight your pet's fur and/or paw prints. And if you have a pool, let's talk about wet people coming in to use the bathroom.

There are so many factors to consider when selecting new materials and we know what works. We know all the resources in town and can save you the time of driving all over aimlessly and getting frustrated. Once we get an idea of what you're lookigng for, we'll bring them all out to your house, take some measurements and get you a quote. And we're happy to give you some great referrals for installation as well.