Determining Expectations

To us, this phase of the design process is the most important. you have an opportunity to share your needs and vision, how you like to collaborate, and how much you want to be involved. the more open you are, the more accurately we can translate that into an amazing space that works for you.

Initial Consultation: The primary goal of this meeting is to learn about you and your project. we'll listen to yor needs  and dreams and get a clear vision of your expectations of your desired end result. This meeting takes about 90 minutes and we'd love to meet with all of the decision makers to make sure everyone has a voice. Cost is $195 and may be eligible to apply to larger project fees.

 Proposal Review: ModaScapes Interior Design charges a flat‐fee for design most services. We’ll take what we learned from our first meeting and prepare a Scope of Work with a Design Fee. You will know what our services cost up front and can plan accordingly. With your approval of the proposal, we will also discuss your budget in as much detail as possible. This meeting should take about an hour and is No charge. All decision makers need to be present.

Discovery & design

Discovery: We love this part! We’ll go over your completed Design Questionnaire in great detail and get very clear on every aspect of your project. We’ll also look at photos together, talk about function, style and special requirements. Of course, We’ll cover favorite colors and textures and even where the pets sleep. It is key that all decision makers be involved.

Measuring & Photography: We’ll measure and photograph all the spaces that are included in the scopeof work, as well as all of the items that you own that you’d like to use in the new design plan. This will take about 2 hours on average. no one needs to be here at this meeting- we just need access to the home.

Design Concept Presentation: Floor plans, color schemes and the overall design concept is presented and approved. 1-2 hours; all decision makers need to be present.

Selection Time: Now that we have a clear design
concept, paint, fabric, furniture and fixtures are selected . You'll be part of the process for the major components and then our team will fill in the rest.

Design Plan Execution

Ordering and Installation:Nothing is ordered without your signed approval and we receive the
required deposit, so you will know exactly what you’re getting. This fun work all happens behind thescenes so you don’t have to worry about any of these details. ~ Up to 12 weeks depending on the items and the scope of the project.

The Reveal: Whether you’ll be living in the home during any kind of renovation or you move out, having a surprise unveiling of the finished project is so much more rewarding after all the decisions you make to get here. Let's work together to make this part happen- it is so much more fun!

Final Walk Through: After you’ve had a chance to experience your new space for a few days, we’ll do a final walk through and talk about what your favorite parts are and what we might want to tweak just a little bit. We’ll look at any little touch ups that need to be handled and schedule that right away for you.

Ongoing Service: We like to make sure everything is holding up to expectations, so we'll check in with your at 90 days, 6 mos and 1 year.