My Experience

All of the experience that I've had over the years has helped prepare me for my career in interior design:

I've managed fast food restaurants, convenience stores, and high end retail stores. This experience allows me to adapt very quickly to fast paced environments and various personality types.

My husband and I owned an operated a computer company specializing in business automation, networking and workflow. One of the projects became an internationally used software application. as VP of Operations, I was responsible for implementing the solution to thousands of end users at fortune 100 companies. I also developed and trained the sales and support teams to maintain it. This experience allows me to grasp very large scaled projects and break them into easily executed steps. as a bonus, I'm able to embrace technology and create efficiencies to work smarter, not harder. Automated systems allow for more time with the fun stuff!

We built the business to a nationally recognized brand and finally sold it in 2000. This much needed break allowed me to finally pursue my own dreams and go to design school. In 2002, I graduated from the American Institute of Interior Design  and since 2003, I have been operating private design firms- first with a partner and now on my own. I am proud to say that 90% of my business comes from referrals, which is always such an honor.

My vision for the future of ModaScapes is to continue to build my team with people that have are committed to providing an amazing client experience, delivering products that have high quality and great value, in a fun and collaborative environment.

Why I Do This

I believe that I have been blessed wtih the perfect blend of ingenuity and intuition which have allowed me to help so many people achieve their dream homes. It's a privilege to have a role in making a positive impact on entire families. To me, it's so much more than beautiful spaces. I believe this is what makes me different from other interior designers.

My dad is a retired engineer and taught me how to observe and gather information, to solve complicated puzzles and to see obstacles as opportunities. He also showed me how to use every tool available. I am very handy.Oon the other side, my mom is a retired social worker and always instilled the importance of putting myself in other people's shoes. She taught me how to read expressions and body language and the importance of using my intuition to better the lives of others.

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It all started in my childhood home, which was in a small town in michigan. It was the only home I felt truly connected to until I was in my 30's. It is where I first witnessed a thing called "house pride". with each finished project, I watched my parents experience great joy and satisfaction and boy was it contagious. In this house, I felt safe and content. everything had a place. Everything was just so. I couldn't wait to be there everyday.

I believe that everyone should feel that connected with their home and I am determined to find the perfect blend of ingredients to recreate this feeling for you!

More about why I do this


I'm a very open and honest person and have long been facintated with people's journeys. I'm sure others have the same curiosities, so here are a few things about me personally.

Me and My home

My husband, Gary and I have been together for over 24 years and live in a 1978 ranch style home near the Scottsdale Airpark. we've done a majority of the remodeling ourselves and people tell me it's beautiful... I say it's not done yet. ;-)

We have two dogs, Iggy and CC and are avid Cross-fitters. I also like to hike and love capturing everyday beauty with my camera and plan to publish my works one day.

We are actively involved in self improvement training and staying connected with positive people and influences. I invest in at least one business or personal coaching program each year as I am a forever student of me.

Giving Back

I am a very strong supporter of the laws of reciprocity and that givers gain. I donate my creativity and services to support many great causes.

Teaching at the american institute of interior design, from 2007-2013. this school changed my life. It's where I learned the lyrics to the song I've been humming my whole life. It was such a pivotal decision in my life that I wanted to be a part of that process for others and it was one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. 

ifda (International Furniture and Design Association) where I served as AZ Chapter President from 2014-15. I am local and national commitee chair for IFDA'sTake A Seat fund raiser which is a multiple chapter simultaneous design exhibition featuring upcycled chairs and benefits "Helping Heroes at Home".

 More community services