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Adrienne Hart

Adrienne Hart

Adrienne is a Certified Interior Designer and brings over seventeen years of design experience along with a passion for transformation. She values the opportunity to work on a variety of projects—no matter the size or type, she invites the diversity as well as the challenge. Her primary focus is to capture the functional needs and personal style of each client.

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As a young girl, I watched my parents stand arm in arm in front of a drywall project they had just completed in our garage. I can still feel the joy that radiated from them as they looked with pride at the finished wall, spray-painted with their names surrounded by a bold, red heart. Their happiness was contagious, and my love for the concept of “home” grew from that moment on.

I’m often called by people who have recently been through a change that affects their living space and their quality of life – A house that doesn’t feel like home yet, a new baby, a divorce, or the start of a new stage in life. Even the happiest events in life can change the way we move through our days. Having a beautiful and functional home can bring peace and a renewed sense of well-being to our lives.

Just as I watched my parents’ story unfold in my childhood home, I listen to and incorporate each client’s unique story of who they are, what they love and what they need from their home into every project. I offer intuitive design solutions that solve problems and enhance people’s lives.